Caricatures in Steel

Upon first glance, these fabricated objects bare a resemblance to cast metal forms; compound volumes, organic movement, articulated and animated features.  Yet cast metal processes and techniques play no role in how these works are created.  The illusion of the cast metal method speaks to the success of the forging and fabrication processes.

Much of my work is based on a playful relationship between process and pop culture.  I create narratives through my objects inspired by my own parental experiences combined with childhood memories. Images from everyday experiences are imbedded into the conscious and sub-conscious of my mind.  These images take on a much deeper significance when revealed through caricatures in steel.

This body of work has allowed me to broaden technical skill and deepen my understanding of steel through innovative techniques and processes. Thinking beyond traditional blacksmithing forms such as, architectural gates, railing, furniture, and other utilitarian objects has allowed me to expand the traditional modeling process to include steel as my sole modeling medium.